Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rachel Hearts YSL

Autumn. This season has always been my favourite, (mainly because gingerbread latte's are in my life again.) However, i also see it as a time to 'upgrade', or, in more colloquial terms.. get your shizz* together. Around about october i like to empty my makeup bag, throw out the old stuff and see what needs abit of replacement. This year, i decided one of these items in need of TLC was my foundation collection. Enter YSL's Le Teint Touche Eclat. I am not the biggest user of foundation, i must confess. For me, i personally like to invest in products that acheive near perfection on a natural face, i.e. skin that glows and has a light of its own yet not so perfect that you can see its all yours. There are days when my skin does not want to play fair however, and i like to dabble in a little light coverup on these occassions. My checklist for a autumn/winter foundation is as follows; blendable, illuminating, covers minor imperfections, matches skin tone and brings skin to life ('anti-gray' if that makes any sense). I have to say, YSL's little gem may be turning into the holy grail of foundations in my book. It definatley ticks my boxes, and i call it 'sunshine in a bottle' to sum up its effects. Its just soo glowyyy :D I decided to go for this one based on the hype it received from other beauty guru's when it was released. In particualr the arrmazinggg Lisa Elridge, make up artist to the stars, who if she says a product is worth getting, it is worth getting. I was not dissapointed. Ive had alot of positive comments on how radiant my skin is since using, and who doesnt want to hear that? When the weather is getting cold, its pretty easy to start getting depressed with the dull skin the weather seems to bring but im pretty confident this little baby will see me through to spring with no complaints. My colour is B 40 Beige. I recommend getting a colour match when buying a premium foundation, no point spending more for a better quality if the colour doesn't match your skintone as effectively as it could. This colour infact is one tone warmer than what i was matched to which i reccomend through the more bluey weather to give your skin that little nudge. Now im impressed by this one, im more inclined to buy the YSL TOUCHE ECLAT illuminating pen thingy. Had my eye on it a while but cant decide if its abit 'gimiky' however, it was one of the pioneer products in now a vast collection of illuminators and i cant deny the foundation is amazing. Watch this space.. hehe I'm curious, what foundation do you guys use, and what do you do to get your skin looking glowy during winter? Please let me know! :D P.S. i like to blend foundation with my fingers, looks more natural in my opinion. However, i do like to use a real techniques foundation brush when i want it a little more 'HD'. ">Lisa Eldridge's Blog

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